• Cape Verde the famous Paradise
  • Cape Verde in the middle of the endless Atlantic Ocean
  • Cape Verde where all dreams become reality
  • Cape Verde makes one forget all the rest
  • Cape Verde the place you were looking for
  • In Cape Verde you will find your roots
  • Cape Verde the unique place.

Cape Verde archipelago comprises 10 volcanic fragment located in the mid of the Atlantic Ocean at some 450Km off the WEST african COAST – senegal – half way between SOUTH america and Europe and it is equidistant from NORTH America and South Africa. These ten beautiful volcanic origin islands which are caressed by the sun and the trade wind and represents one of the nearest lost paradise.

With the extensive white-sandy beaches recommanded for all kind of aquatic sports and dazzling mountains, fishes and sea-fruits of high quality are the Cape Verde´s visiting cards. Everything is enriched melodiously by its pecularity and beauty of the cape verdeans´musics.

The climate is constantly mild and dry with the average annual temperature that oscillate between 22ºcelsius less warm and 35ºcelsius of summer temperature.

Because of its characteristic Cape Verde has just become into a touristis destination during all year long.

In the field of sociopolitical the country is distinguished by its stability with a democracy multipartite where the presidentials and the legislatives´elections takes place every 5 year.

Very influenced by the occidental culture, the popultion are religiously christian being the catholic the greater part.

Nowadays Cape Verde is a country that inspires confidence and security bets on its ecnomical development obtaining more and more credence together with the government enterprises and international finances institutions.

Statiscally elaborated on the U.S.A in 2010 they´ve made a study for all the requirement partly already mentioned recognising Cape Verde being the best country in the world to live and for investments.