Descriptions of the furnishings of the villages

Now we'll talk about the furniture that goes with our Duplex.

Each piece of the furniture has got a modern design and were chosen accordingly with the architectural plans of the houses.

The finishing materials such as doors, stairs, and the wooden-floor at the principal room, has got light colors so it could give a remarkable contribution in the way to exalt the modernism and they also created the harmony with the furniture with the variations between powerful colors which goes from wenghe to white color or lucid black and the harmonious colors such as teca and green.

Besides these, for each atmosphere we'll look for the most appropriate design in the illumination section.

The same discretion has guided us to the selection of the carpets and the pictures of which with the colors-effects that will give more harmony to the house.

At least but not the last the trifles, with the variety of the furniture complements, it will bring to life and also personalizes by giving us the imprecation that we are in our home.

In every spaces of the house with the games of middle-levels we've got an un-interrupt visual and the sensation is that it seems like we've found each other in a bigger wide spaces, that is established by this majestic amplitude with about 350m2 of each residency area.

Naturally none of the comfort were forgotten started with the VCR-intercommunication which is turned on and off from the armoured gate, and with an open and close of the armoured door of the garage by a controlled remote, to the air-conditioning even though is superfluous we've offered to you in that way so you can install it in any place you've preferred.

Surely that the houses which we've built and furnished will be at your entire satisfaction and welcome, we'll be waiting for you so we can show that's all true.