Description of Pool & Spa Hotel

The surface of the plot, totally constructed, delimitated by the contention wall is about 1600 m2.

The constructions 'surface is about 2800 m2

The plane of the hotel building has got about 335 m2 of the surface.

In the centre of the plot where the swimming pool is , mesures about 24x10 and it has got about 135 cm uniform in depth.

Facing directly the sea on the interior side, the wall is lower in the way to allow the water to averrun and descend through the rustic rocks, creating an enlightning trick, until it reaches the recuperation strait of which it will take the water to the compensation cistern.

Further more, the swimming-pool will be provided with a solar energy installation to keep the water warm, so in that way in any time of the year to give you a pleasant temperature not only at day time but also at night as a contribution for the enchanting evening entertainment.

With two floors at the entrance of the building, it will take not only the directorship but also a shopping, where ones can not only to sell beauty products that it can be used at the SPA-Centre, as well beverages, ice-cream and souvenirs, besides beach-set and swimming-pool set.

Going through the staircase you'd turn up unexpectedly with a sculpture as an evidence of the cape verdean tradition. At rear side were build some showers and will be used also to receive musical group at the open air.

And in front of the musical stage we constructed a small square garden where you can dance, and there's also a big tree in the centre.

At the building on the right side you'll find the bathrooms where on the side wall they've buit 52 locker of which can be rented to the swimming-pools'clientes.

At last but not least, on the building of which is lined up with the hotel we've built 12 divisions as:

  • 5 hot showers;
  • 2 bathrooms;
  • 5 bathings.

On the opposite side there's a building that is reserved for SPA with 5 divisions plus one bathroom with showers.

On the botton of the building has been reserved for the technical room to store all the swimming-pools'instrument and for the restaurants'storehouse.

On the external wall they've constructed an enclosed space that ensure a tottal defense against trespassing of an unknown person.

The electric light of the whole spaces , inside and outside, as well as the music diffusion, were timely set up in the way make enjoyable the staying of the guests.

On the floor of which is reserved for the restaurant were constructed:

  • Two kitchens, of which one is reserved for confctioners and pizza-place;
  • One sink to wash pans and dishes;
  • A bar-room with a kitchen dresser next to it for beverages and one sink to wash the cups;
  • One fridge-cell.

Downstairs there's services for the personel with showers and bathings.

On the area that is reserved for the public were constructed a platform to receive musical groups and a wine-cellar with wines'exhibition.

The restaurants'area goes also alongside trhough the exterior and the spaces around the swimming-pool area with a tottal land area about 800 meters including the inside area.

The hotel expand in three floors on the upper part of the restaurant with a tottal area about 1035 meters.

The entrance is on the intermadiate floor through this unic declivity of stairs that gives you access not only to the upper-floor but also the lower-floor.

The last floor has got one security exit that will take you to the restaurant and is also used as auxiliary exit.

The hotel has got:

  • 2 suites;
  • 23 rooms, all with balcony;
  • A reception;
  • A laundry with services annexed to it for the personel.

In each room, it is foreseen an electronic system of which you can control the security services.

The rooms has got:

  • Conditionning air system ;
  • A safe;
  • A cooler;
  • A satelite dish and cable;
  • Electronic key;
  • Tele-plasma.

The standard of the conclusion of the works and the furniture foreseen for the hotel as well as the quantity of proposed services will allow certainly to obtain the attribution of 5th class level.

The other spaces, such as the small apartments completely furnished and the business spaces situated on the adjacent buildings to the hotels'complex can be rented not only as annexed to the SPA-Centr as well a dependence of the hotel, for the guestes that would like to enjoy an individual autonomy.

On the posterior plot, that rises above position related to the hotel and with its majestic view over the whole bay and the city as well, the project is already approved for the constructios of an ulterior building that will guarantee 42 rooms and 2 suites ulteriores of which will raise up to 69 the number of the rooms of the hotel.

With all this unities, the project will assume certainly the characteristics of a Big Hotel.

This last building with elevator, will expands in 6 floors:

  • The bottom-floor with 400 m2 tottal area reserved for conference room, sociability and breakfast;
  • 4 floors with 10 rooms per floor
  • Half-floor with 2 rooms, 2 suites, and 2 ample terrace with roofing on the extremity.

For this building, called dependence of the hotel, all the substructure and the excavation of the ground it has been already done.

The plot(of ground) where this new building is foreseen, the land area is about 2000 m2.

This proposal is related to the recent condition of the works such as:

  • Complete work done concerning the restaurant, Bar-room and annexed services to the lower side: as SPA-Centre, business and managing office;
  • The swimming-pool completely done at the structure, with illumination and predisposition for the water heating with solar panel.

It has been already constructed on the hotel all the inside wall and plastered in about 60% of them.

The external wall of the whole complex were completely painted as well as the exterior side and the gardesns, including the automatic watering and illumination.

On the inner side of the hotel it has been made a climatic connexion, flue of distribution of water and sewerage system in each room.

To complete this project it will be necessary:

  • Equipments for the swimming pools' technical room;
  • Solar Panel;
  • Air conditionning set;
  • Hotels 'equipments;
  • Restaurants 'electric kitchen set.