Description of Phase 2 (Masterplan)


Confronting with the area of west and southeast of Madeiralzinho and Chã-de-alecrim respectively, come to life one enterprise called «Pombas Brancas Touristic Complex». This area expand along side of a mountain.

The denomination of the complex wasn't by chance. This complex characterizes all the enveloping of the project and its localization as well as its repercussion over the city.

Situated on the northside of São Vicente Island, over a mountain that develop right above the city of Mindelo, the complex overpower the whole view that you have from the horizon, being visible from any place of the city. The constructions as wanted with modern contemporaneous mark, light and simple, with its color predominantly white, that will involve the mountain in a constant harmony, touching it with, metaphorically, in a soft and caring and ecologic way, it shall compose an optical illusion from a flight of white doves overflying slightly over the city, bringing with them a breeze of the freshness and harmony to the mountain.

The harmony between the complex and the area is so intense and in such way so emphasize and dominant that the area absorb this denomination, assuming officially the name «Pombas Brancas».

This project expand along side this mountain with about 100.000 m2.

The localization as been told, is fantastic and unic and with the harmony with the project and will acquire one peculiar character. Protected in rearmost, northeast and nascent, through the encircle ridge of mountains, from any place of the mountain you will usufruct an extraordinary view, fantastic and unic over the whole city, the sea of the Mindelos'bay, the symbolical Monte Cara - Mountain Face - as the popular tale says it looks like George Washington's face lying down facing the sky or Washingtons' head and the mountain that characterize symbolizes the city of Mindelo «Monte Verde» also peculiar, the beach of São Pedro one of the most beautiful beach of the island and Cape Verde, and Santo Antão the neighbouring island with all its magnificence, the Birds'Islet (Ilhéu dos Pássaros), etc. At least but not last it is one strategic place where ones can contemplate more than 80% of the island in its better declivity.

At this same peculiar place you can see and revive the sunrises and the sunset behind the symbolical Monte Cara untill it hides on the bed of the sea leaving a track of the most incredible and varied colors over the clouds that fascinate the scenery for some magic moment.


To intend in architectonic terms, in this second fase a modern contemporaneous and ecologic. The construction will within the philosophy of the project to go with the scenery and the orography of the ground in an harmonious way. The buildings are predominantly directed to the setting of the sun, protected at the nascent through the mountain and from the north and northeast through the encircle ridge of mountains, of which protect them from the strong winds, in the way to take good advantage of the extraordinary possible view in any corner of the mountain.

A brief description of some equipment and urbanistic substruture that characterizes the master plan:

The complex will have a five stars hotel right on top of the mountain or you may say the rising area.This hotel will lodge among the others, more than 100 rooms all directed to the setting of the sun, in such way that everyone will enjoy the extraordinary view. Still it will lodge one infinity pool with an organic format of which it disembogue the setting of the sun over a water fall, making a visible visual connexion between the pools'mirror of water and the sea at the horizon. this hotel will fill in the mountain, following it with its organic marks, but tender and contemporaneous.

Next to the hotel a little bit further to the southeast, unravel one area called Miradouro where we'll bring to life a complex with a re-establishment - center, a bar, a coffee-house, dancing-place a Pub and one amphitheater. Within the enterprise this complex establishes a leisure center with supremacy. As the name says, this the area of which you can have a better view over the city, most of the island and so, This spot seems to be exactly in the centre of the city and around, giving you the sensation that you can touch the city with your hand or embrace it. It is the view of «Pombas Brancas»(white doves) overflying the city. Taking under consideration that this area is one of the spot further north of the island and in relation to this is also situated at an altitude above average and it gives you the view that is over almost the entire visible horizon of the island. This area although private, it will keep one semi-public character in such way that who ever comes to visit will enjoy this unic and extraordinary view in a free way.

Next to the complex at the entrance, we'll find a business spot with a little more than 10.000 m2. This spot will be able to obtain general and varied business, day-care center or kindergarten, a playground, a beauty-shop and a SPA, a Bar, a Coffee-house, a re-establishment-center, a Pub, and a Parking espaces. It will have also a first class Sport-center with the most varied services in about 3.400m2 area of implantation. In this sport center it will have a swimming-pool all ready for professional competitions as well for leisure. It will also have a tennis court, a gymnasium, a sport shopping center, a coffee-house, a playground, a massaging center, a relaxing-center, a phisic-therapy and sport-attendance, etc.

We still foresee in this area a pharmacy, a dental-clinic and services.

At the housinh area, we'll find an open and a close condominium, isolated houses aside or in flank and collective with appartments as T0, T1, T2, T3 and T4.

Among this housing area, business, sports and leisures, there are several greens and semi-greens areas scattered, urbane and the treatment of the hillside of which not only they're used for embelishment but also for the harmonization and ecological integration of the complex with the nature. The ecologic harmony is one of the column conceptual of this project. We foresee that at least 40-50% of the constructions will have a green roofing and solar energy.