Descriptions of the villa

The house have an area ranging from 400 to 500 m2.
The composition of the scale with the architecture characterized by its cubic reliefs that fit creates a harmony in the forms and at the same time, ensure the privacy of each.
Furthermore, the combination of colors that alternate every house was different for each of the cubic elements, demonstrates the individualism of each one, but at the same time, unites them with this delicate chromaticism.

Each is composed of:

  • 5 bedrooms, surfaces with a minimum of 13 m2 to 40 m2, as in the suite;
  • 2 Lounges;
  • 2 Kitchens;
  • 3 Bathrooms;
  • 5 Balconies;
  • 2 Storage;
  • Garage 32 m2;
  • Garden - Yard;
  • Patio previous.


  • Gate opening screened with video entry and electric bicycles;
  • The garage door opening screened and remotely;
  • Double glazing, antishok;
  • Bathtub with whirlpool;
  • Box hydromassage shower;
  • Furniture in the bathrooms of high design;
  • Furniture for washing clothes;
  • Mailbox;
  • Safe;
  • Fan;
  • Air Conditioning;
  • Centralized gas distribution;
  • 12-ton tank with potable water pumping system;
  • Parquet in the main rooms;
  • Connection of Telecommunications and Satellite TV in all rooms;
  • Infrastructure and services of the highest level.

Some homes are completely furnished with Italian furniture at the highest level, different from each other.