A small Paradise

In Cape Verde Islands at the marvellous islands of São Vicente on that wall of mountains that emerge from the centre of the city of which is lean over the beauty of the fourth natural bay of the planet comes Luigi and Lena being the two pioneer for some years have established a goal to create a small residential paradise with all the services up-to-date.

From the very beginning when they found this enchanting place they started dreaming and then with the dream comes the ideas that transformed in project and by the final evolution everything becomes reality.

The dreams are beautiful because there is no limite but on this case Luigi and Lena being so proud of their own creature they affirm that the result went beyond their own dream.

It was carried out eleven exclusive marvellous cottage of where its studies of functionality had a primordial part and from the first impact you've got this feeling that you've just found your own ideal house.

Beside the exterior surfaces of the property from its 350 m2 of each cottage, it has been adopted these innovator solutions to give a highest way of living for each surroundings.

Therefore on the same way they fairly steady demand the best solution for the house perspective with the purpose to obtain maximum luminosity, view and home environment.

The result has rewarded every and any other effort presenting them with this beautiful sight from all the different part of the house that prospect at any moment from the city of Mindelo with its endless bay.

As a reward every day the nature gives us unforgettable sun-set worthy to be immortalized.

These precious jewels as they've being called it and of which are innovator image of this city they represent the accidental luxury that want to be abate all the barrier to get here.

Some of them had been enriched with solutions of exclusive furniture where the design and the interior architecture in conjunction with one another in a particular way with the intention to transform them into a real dream house!!

To the privileged receiver of these exclusive cottages we'd want to offer a succession of services and proposals that will make this person even prouder and enthusiastic of his choice.

We did carry out two touristic structures of which one is an exclusive restaurant with a pizzeria and a pub with an original architecture in privilege position.

The second one is a hotel with conjunct proposals that goes from the beauty centre to the enormous warmed swimming-pool with a welcoming familiar ambient.

Luigi and Lena have determined this place as an island in the island because of its elevated position leaving all the rest below giving you the sensation that the complex is emerging from the water.

At last but not least, Luigi and Lena would like to present the "Vila Lena" – the super exclusive jewel determined by everybody as a unique work of which will stand for a long time in the chronicles of Cape Verde's history.

It's about one cottage that brings up the tradition of the Italian style from 1900, particularly the style of Tascano's cottage in Florença, Italy.

Every single detail had been taken in consideration with lots of attention and passion not leaving one thing by chance.

The harmony of the furniture with the decorations of the different ambient creates one suggestion that goes beyond any expectations.

To realize all of this, it was necessary a searching without rest of the materials of the epoch and of course there was no finding them at the traditional commercials conduit but the result at the end had given its immense price to the idea, the project and of course to whom that realized it.

Externally with its imponent fortified structure gives the observer the impression of an inviolable place that assures you an absolute security and privacy.

The cottage with its 1000 m2 of land area is formed with diverse buildings that correspond with one another.

To satisfy any exigency there are also saloons, gymnasium, annexed apartments, an enormous portico, balconies and numerous services.

It was also realized one majestic water-fall of which let you hear its turbulent water in the warmed swimming-pool that is at your feet.

There is also a green park that surrounds this marvellous cottage and a succession of walls and staircases made out of stones of which they create a course where the nature's harmony turn into life manifesting its purity.

All of this has been realized to fulfil the most particularly exigency and to offer one habitat with a unique and exclusive security and comfort.

It is also foreseen a second fase of this exclusive paradise where it is foreseen green spaces and lots of services that are described on the site www.pombasbrancas.com , of which will make them more reworded and pleasant to live in Pombas Brancas housing and touristic complex.

Luigi and Lena will be expecting you to show you and offer their very own family's jewel.