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O Pescador

It´s a project that regards the fabrication of a plot in S. Pedro, right behind the actual fishermen´s village.

It´s expected to build numerous buildings, compound by different flats type t1, t2 and t3, each one will have a garage and a wide terrace view of the sea.

An independent hydro service, with an abundant network of roads, sidewalks and stairways that will guarantee a easy way to reach the near sea.

Even here will be built a public utility building, whit restaurants, lodge, telephones, videogames, etc.

The purpose is to create a green oasis that contain a series of colored characteristic homes, that gives a high and fascination imagine to the village, creating even a link between local peoples and the tourist who´s for the "lost place".

For the moment we are not able to stable the price of the buildings because at this moment we are calculating the construction cost.

In the mean time you may reserve, and confirm your purchase when we'll publish the precise price.